Not possible to use picture in Webp with current version of Rapidweaver

A while ago I switched to use Webp image instead of jpeg or png, everything went fine, but i think after some RW update (I do not know which one) i found that it is now impossible to drag and drop Webp in my projects. Also where there was a webp image there is now a message of missing resource.
I am not a web developper and run a few sites for myself and some charities, so i use RW intermitently and have now idea when this change occured, but it must have been after an update.
Any idea?

Hi P J Cousin,
I played around with Webp images but abandoned them soon. The downside of Webp is that they are not supported by lots of browsers. Safari and the browsers on IOS won’t show them.
Although they load very fast on browsers that do support Webp, you risk losing a lot of traffic by visitors who use non supportive browsers.


it seems that now all browsers , inclusing safari can display webp without trouble, this is what got me to switch to webp format, but i am still wondering why RW had no problem with drag and drop webp, and after an update it now reject them


Are you using a RW theme only or is it a stacks based site?

I am using RW up to date, and Foundry

I think the important thing to have to avoid this is a stack that provides a jpg/png fallback. There are stacks which offer this like Stacks4stacks Free WebP, shaking the habitual’s srcerer stacks, and Foundation 6 to name a few. I’m sure there are others too.

WebP does now have a lot of support, a few years late, just in time for other new formats like AVIF etc.

I’m not familiar with Foundry at all unfortunately.

Have you tried adding the WebP image to your resources and pointing to it that way instead of drag and drop directly?

Yes i could try that, i think it’s a bug in my version of RW, i was wondering if there is ome settings to be changed or preferences to be trashed, but that’s unlikely

I did a full live stream on webp.

Basically you need to use stacks that support warehouse images. Or my Foundation 6 picture stack.

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Thanks Joe, I am already using some of your stacks, they are excellent I am looking into it right now