Loading New Website

I just downloaded my new website with success. However, when I open the website, I get boxes with titles like “Stacks Image 132” or “Stacks Image p4_n2” instead of a picture. What do I have to do to get the images to load?

Not sure what you mean by downloaded Chris.
Do you mean you exported it to a folder in Finder? Or that you uploaded it to the web but then downloaded it using your browser?
Does it look ok online though?

I guess I should have said “published.” Sorry. It does not look OK on line.

Share a link Chris and we’ll all take a look and see what we can figure out.

The website is: www.pointofviewphotos.com

How do you publish Chris?
Is it using Rapidweavers publishing function? Or do you export it to your hard drive and use ftp software?
It look like the /files folder isn’t uploading for some reason.

Hi Chris, looking at your site it’s coming up with ‘Failed to load resource’
Are your links to the image source files correct?

I use the Publish function in Rapid Weaver 8. The ironic thing about this is: this is a website that currently exists under a different name: www.pointofviewphotos.net

I copied it, saved it under its new name (www.pointofviewphotos.com), changed two things in it – on the Contact page and republished it. And in its new location, it wouldn’t load the pictures on each page. I didn’t change anything else.

How do I check the links to the Image Source files? Where?

Did you change the web address in the Settings.
In the General section?

Try “Republish all files” from the file menu.

I’m republishing now. It should take a while before I know if it loads the pictures correctly.

Yes, I changed the address.

Why are my messages being blocked as spam?

Why is my post “flagged by the community.”?

As a new user somethings (Couldn’t tell you what) gets blocked and “flagged by the community”. This I is to stop people from signing up and posting website address etc.

As you are on the forum more, your “trust” level goes up.

I just finished republishing my site from the Rapid Weaver 8 file menu. All the pages are there, but no pictures on any of them.

For some reason the image files, which should be in a directory named “files” under the main website folder, do not appear to be on your server. Since you are not getting an error in RW during publishing, it thinks it publishing everything.

I would use either an FTP app or the file manager in your web host’s management interface to see if the files are actually there. If you don’t see them, then look and see if they ended up in a different directory.

Here’s the latest update. I finally just gave up trying to troubleshoot this problem and started over from scratch. I copied my website under a new name and republished using RapidWeaver 8 Publishing. After publishing, I received this message in a pop up box “Having multiple index files can cause issues when loading your website. We recommend using an FTP application to remove redundant index files.” Apparently, I had two index pages: 1) index.xhtml and 2) index.html. I contacted my web hosting company and received this message: “To solve the issue simply rename the index.xhtml file or remove it.” I couldn’t imagine what to rename this, so I deleted the index.xhtml file and republished. And the website appears correctly (finally!). I don’t understand the mechanics behind the scenes of the html files and don’t know how two index pages could have been created, so I’m just letting everyone know how this occurred and how it was resolved.

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