Can't migrate Rapidweaver 5.4.1 to 6.3.8

(John Krueger) #1

I’ve tried everything recommended by Rapidweaver to complete the migration from 5.4.1. to 6.3.8. All my addons and plug-ins have migrated, including Stacks 3. What is the secret?

(Oscar Schmid) #2

When all your RW projects are opened and saved with RW 5.4.1 all is perfect.
Now you can open the projects with RW 6.3.8, just open.
After this, you have a new generated RW 6 file at the same place on your harddisk.
With this you can work in the future.

(John Krueger) #3

I tried that. It doesn’t work. All I get is a “No Recent Projects” page on RW 6.3.8

(Oscar Schmid) #4

You have a RW 5.4.1 project file?
Drag and drop this file on the icon of the RW 6.3.8 app icon.
Now, RW 6 create a new file. So you have a RW 6 file!

(Oscar Schmid) #5


First, open the RW 5.4.1 (sandwich) file with RW 6.

Then open the new created RW 6 (RapidWeaver 6 project) file with RW 6 and all is ok!

(Brad Halstead) #6


Saving in between steps :wink:


(Brian LaPan) #7

They won’t show up in Recent Projects until you OPEN them in Rapidweaver 6. Just find the sitefile.rw6 and right click and open with Rapidweaver 6 (latest)

(Oscar Schmid) #8

That’s what I wrote above. A RW 5.4.1 file is a saved file :wink: