Can't open a project unless I am on the same network

(Milton Baar) #1

Hi All

I have created a number of projects that I can edit without problem when attached to the same network as the server to which they are exported…

If I want to open and edit them when I am away from the network, they won’t open at all. This seems similar to the unanswered Issue opening a project | Server can’t be found

All the project files reside on my Macbook, none are stored on a network drive…very confused and unhappy that I can’t work away from the physical network on which the server resides.

Any suggestions or updates?

(Dave) #2

No solutions that I’m aware of @Gremlin Before working on any projects that are connected to via SMB, I ensure the network drive is connected before opening the RW file. :frowning:

(Milton Baar) #3

What I can’t figure out is how the project is connected via SMB?

If I make edits “on the road”, I can’t connect to the network…

(Dave) #4

For me, I have several sites that sit behind a corporate firewall. So, unless I’m connected via VPN, the sites are unreachable. In order for me to open up the RapidWeaver file, I must a) be connected to the network, and; b) maintain a connection to the network server (that is, its icon must remain on my Mac’s desktop). Just logging into VPN or being on the network isn’t enough.