Can't open file … plist missing?

I attempted to open a file this morning, but received the following error message:

‘/Users/KevinAtkins/Desktop/ H&H 2019 Working Master File.rw8/Contents.plist’ file does not exist

The file was copied from a server / remote mac before opening, and it was working fine yesterday. I also duped it on the remote Mac, and tried to open it over the network, but got the same error.

Does anyone know what may be causing this? Or how to fix it? I’m concerned that this will affect other files stored on our server.

Obviously just me then! For what it’s worth, the missing .plist appears to be caused by copying to a network volume. This could be an AFP issue, which I know has a few issues.

I had this same issue. I had backups of my files on the server so I was able to use them. The original files were trash and I found no way to recover them.

is this in Catalina? or which macOS?

what type of drive is the remote file? formatted APFS? what type of OS? is it another Mac? or linux box?

I’m afraid I don’t have any answers, but if this sort of file corruption is reproducible it would be good to have all of the details so the bug can be filed at the appropriate place.

Fear not Isaiah, I think this is an Apple issue. We’ve had issues with protocols before, although mainly when mixed ones are used on the network. When we were all on AFP, we had few issues, but with SMB now in the mix, and more system updates / ageing Macs, we’re seeing more issues.

As long as we’re aware, we can screen-share to prevent issues with these volumes / shares that are problematic, as not all directories or discs are affected. We’ve tried investigating permissions, but we can’t find the issue, and resources are limited, so we can work with it until we find a fix.

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