Cant publish to SFTP server

Is there any news on why the latest updates cause RW to not upload to a server.

Some of my docs will upload but a couple will not. RW is able to “see” the server as an embedded document (hosted on the server) is showing in preview, but when I come to upload RW says can’t find the server. (See attachment)

When will this get fixed please as my client is giving me grief that the latest revisions to their site haven’t happened.

Alix, what happens when you use the Test and Browse buttons in RW Publishing? Does RW connect and can you see the correct directory where the site should go?

Is this a Chillidog host? Are you using FTP or SFTP upload? SGTP seems to be more difficult to setup.

I know it doesn’t help you, but I’ve had zero issues with any version of RW8 (I haven’t bothered with the Beta’s)

Edit: I see from the title that you are using SFTP. I’d suggest trying with FTP, that always seems easier to get going :slight_smile:

I would suggest you never use ftp. It’s a major security issue as it sends all server credentials including password in the clear.

Looks like it’s having issues on the backup step from the screenshot.
Try turning off the weekly backup and see if it publishes okay. I’ve had problems with the “backup” even back on RW7.

If you’re still having issues take a look at this

I take your point Doug, but using FTP is a good first step in resolving a connection problem with the server. I’m not suggesting that it is used as a routine, but if you can get FTP working, then at least you know that you are using the right credentials and the chances of being hacked in the short time you are connecting is minimal I would suggest.

SFTP seems to be all or nothing and errors can be easily made, port number, directory path etc.

I’ll leave you to sore poor Alix out as I know that this is driving her to distraction :slight_smile:

Tes and browse work fine
yes Chillidog. Other docs work fine with SFTP

Credentails are fine as other docs worked earlier this morning. I had an issue with a different doc a few days ago, but that now works.


lol you are right Gary. Very fed up!!

When you say ‘doc’ I presume you mean a RW project?

Doug, if you look again at the screenshot, the SFTP upload hasn’t got as far as the backup phase, ‘0 of 7 files published’ so it’s falling at the first fence.

I had one heck of a faff yesterday setting up a new SFTP connection, not helped by the fact that as I’d failed so many times, the Chillidog server blocked my IP address (a good thing really) so although I was trying different settings, I was never going to get through until I’d used the Billing panel to unblock my IP.

I have FTP Deactivated on all my sites.
Without seeing the publishing settings, it’s had to say what could be causing the problem. If you go through the steps in the KB article above (the steps work for SFTP as well), you will find a way to get the log files. That usually will have an answer.

Fixed! Thanks guys

Glad you got it fixed.
What was it? Just in case someone else has the same issue later.

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