Publishing Problem RW6

Using RW6 when trying to publish I get this error message: “Couldn’t sign in to your SFTP server. Failed Initialization” My host (Dreamhost) says it’s a RW problem because I have no problem connecting when using another FTP program (Transmit). If I use the RW Export feature then use Transmit to upload it works fine, but, that’s 2 steps and I’d much rather use only one step. I think this problem started when I switched hosts (switched to Dreamhost), but as I said they won’t help. Thanks for reading.

It’s probably not a “problem” with RapidWeaver itself or your hosting company (DreamHost). More than likely it’s in the publishing settings within RapidWeaver.
Although you running RW6 (two releases back) the publishing engine should still work.
You might have a look at these KB articles:
If they don’t help then your next step would be to post some screenshots of the publishing settings from RapidWeaver and transmit along with steps you have gone through.

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