Can't save my project

I can’t save my project using Rapidweaver 8.2.1 for Mac.

Any idea?

The following window text appear:

Might be a topic for @tpbradley?

Try a Save As into a different folder?

This is a Catalina specific error, I believe. I have not seen it myself, but I’ve heard about it from other developers. From my own limited knowledge:

  • it only happens on Catalina.
  • it was happening on project files that had been on Dropbox previously, thought it was unclear if that had anything to do with the problem.
  • it was happening to files within pages (like stacks pages and photo albums) and also resource files outside of all plugins.

at that point i referred the person to submit the issue to realmac – not necessarily with the belief that it was their issue – it could easily be a dropbox thing or an Apple bug or just a user permissions problem – but i figured RMS would want to know about it in any event.

my suggestion for a workaround would be to (in this order):

  • if the file is within Dropbox (or similar syncing service, even iCloud) – move it out of there.
  • try duplicating the file.
  • try changing the permissions on the file (in the Get Info window at the very bottom – make sure all the different people and groups have read access)
  • try rebooting.

lastly… downgrade to a stable OS version.
Catalina currently has several insurmountable issues that i’m aware of – enough to keep me from using it, even though it would make life easier for me if i could.

Thanks for the input guys!

@felipe Can you confirm if you’re using macOS 10.15 Catalina? Cheers

The Same here.

Hey @ricohofmann, I could really do with knowing if you’re using the macOS 10.15 Catalina beta?


Yes I’m using the Catalina Beta.

Apple have recently released macOS Catalina beta 8 which appears to solve this problem.

@ricohofmann @felipe Could you guys give it a try and let me know if you see any more of these errors.


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