Can't see edit screen/Now Crashing

What would cause me not to be able to see the page on edit mode? I can preview it with the eyeball, see and edit the source, but cannot edit the pages. Had a couple of crashes this morning using Stacks 4.02b2 on publish, so went to 4.00b26 which does publish but now I can’t see the edit pages. Does the same on all projects as well as new projects.

Decided to go back and update to newest Stacks 4.02.b2 and my edit screen came back. So did my previous problem. RW crashes every time on publish. It is very slow in the Loading Stack Plug-ins for each page. Some pages are fast, some seem to hang up. So, this must be related. In the meantime, I’m stuck

If your running beta versions I hope you are reporting these issues on yourHeads Slack channel?

You can always go back to the preior production version as well.

Don’t know if this helps. From the crash log
Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000522f11dfa8c0

Termination Signal: Segmentation fault: 11
Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0xb
Terminating Process: exc handler [1528]

You are using a beta version. See the bug reporting section at the bottom of this original post:

Where does it say beta on the page anymore, sir? This is BS.

if it has a b in the name…it is beta…the full version is out.

I tried version 4.0.gb27 and it does publish, but a grey screen saying that stacks is outdated. Might be the same issue just cant see that screen,

The current Production version I have is 4.0.1.

I think if you go to this page and click Free Download button you’ll get the production version.

You still might want to report these issues to @isaiah so he can address them.

Dont do the above. It is 4.01 and get this message now.

That is right…quit RW…update the file…and restart RW…then open your file.

Got back on 4.02 (which will download if you go back to 4.0) and same conditions apply. Slow “Loading on Stack Plugins…” on some pages then a hard crash and out. Seems like the same pages are slow. Will check and see what is similar. But, a crash of RW is unacceptable to me.

. The version you have been using (v4.0.2b2) appears to be a beta version. The b tells us this so i’d try to contact YourHead in the bug reporting I gave you above.

I posted on his support site a couple of times. Not messing with slack.

@medgasman - the “b” in the version number stands for “beta”. And indeed it is a real beta. It has problems, sometimes large ones. The current beta is not very usable I’m afraid. These things happen when beta testing. I do think the next one will be quite a bit better.

The released (non-beta) is always available on our website. You can find it at:

Just follow that link and follow the instructions - just install however you usually do. This will be a slightly older version than the beta – so you’ll receive the warning that you’re opening your file with an older version, but it’s a very small jump backward and there is no danger.

That said, whenever using any beta software I’d strongly urge you to have a good backup.

If you have the released version installed, you’ll only get released version updates (and the opposite as well, if you only have the beta, then you’ll only see beta versions).

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with,


It doesn’t seem to want to work at first and then it wanted to get upgraded to the next beta version. The 4.02b3 is even worse. Bombs as soon as publishing begins. The 4.01 is stable and working, just took a bit to get back to that version. Thank you.

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In the future, just remember “b” means “beta” – and beta means that it will probably come with some amount of bumps in the road for the advantage of getting first looks at the new features and other fixes.

For some this is a worthwhile tradeoff, but for most users the release version is fine. You can always get back to the release version by downloading and installing it from our website.


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