I am not able to preview after Stacks upgrade

After upgrading to Stacks 3.2.2, I can’t preview any of my projects. I returned to version 3.2.1

Does anyone else have this issue?

RW 6.4, RW 7.0.4, OS 10.11.16, MacPro 24GB


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Do you have a project that behaves this way that you can send to me? It would be helpful in understanding the issue.


Hi Isaiah,

Deleted version 3.2.2 and did the update again, now everything seems to work well.
Corruption during the update?


Me too!!! Can’t preview!

how do I reinstall the update? Well, downloaded from your site, reinstalled, but still no preview. Help!

This is happening to me too… I tried to reinstall (from your site) like Pedro but still no luck.

It happens again, back to 3.2.1

unfortunately i’m afraid I can’t offer more help without a bit more info.

if you can send a file that behaves this way it would probably be a good first step.

you don’t have to send your while project, just copy a page or two to a new file and send that. sharing a link vis Driobix is a great way.

Hi Isaiah,

Given that the issue is presented on RW7 and RW6, with all my projects (complex or very simple), I conclude that it has to do with my configuration (addons, themes, system?).


Same thing here (RW6)

I’m afraid without more info I can only make wild guesses – which will probably just lead everyone in the wrong direction.

If there are any other details it would be helpful to know. For example:

  • What exactly happens. Do you see a blank screen? Crash? Error?
  • If there is an error message what does it say?
  • If there is mangled output, what does it look like?
  • If there is a crash, can you provide the crash report?
  • Can you see this problem on a new project with a single stacks page with only built-in stacks?
  • If it does require you to add specific stacks or specific themes can you say which ones?

Are there any other details that you think might be interesting about what you’re seeing that I don’t know.


What exactly happens: Just a blank screen
If there is an error message what does it say?: no error messages
If there is mangled output, what does it look like?: no
If there is a crash, can you provide the crash report?: no crash
Can you see this problem on a new project with a single stacks page with only built-in stacks?: yes, with a simple stack page

Something strange is that occasionally works, but most of the time shows the blank screen

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Exactly the same thing happens here. Exporting… exporting… exporting… (and sleeping there)

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It would be interesting to see if this happens with RW 7.1. Can you download the beta and try again:

Important: Make sure you are only using copies/duplicates of your projects to test with 7.1 as these projects can not be used with 7.0.4 afterwards again.

But it surely happens with 6.4

I had the same issue. I’m on the latest iMac 5K retina display, blah blah blah… Ran updates and everything broke. After a day of frustration (ex apple mac tech) I went into time machine, replaced my App from before the upgrade and also the application support folder and it is now working again.

This cost me big time as this is how i earn my gravy money… A weekend lost here.

But got it all working again!

Next time I am backing everything up first. All project files, app and app support folder for rapidweaver.
Time machine people! Time machine!

To be completely fair, 2 other stacks got updated too. Joe Workman’s Total CMS and RapidCart Pro from Foreground.

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same thing as others. won’t preview… won’t export… just gets stuck. Can I get back the older version? Don’t know how to find it and now I can’t work.

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how do you find it on time machine?

Video link below to my fix, but location is here:

Navigate to: Go menu (hold option key) / Library / Containers / com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver

replace the “com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver” folder… Plus Application itself from the day prior the update. Video link is here. Download it and play it for best resolution.

I tried to paste the video link here in my dropbox account. But not sure it’s working. Feel free to email at andrew@unitedkreative.com and I’ll kick the video link back to you if it does not work here.

I finally found 3.2.0 but could not find 3.2.1. I uninstalled the new and installed 3.2.0. I know how to get to the file on my desktop, but not on Time Machine. If I did that, it would show my hard drive.