Captions for Gallery 3 photos in Armadillo?

Is there a way to add captions to Gallery 3 images used in Armadillo?

I’m using a thumb grid and the Chocolate lightbox. Both have checkboxes for image captions but I can’t see how to actually add the captions.

Thanks @instacks

Hi @robbeattie as always a link please. Thanks.

Didn’t think it needed one because it’s more of a general question - but here’s the test blog page.

Many thanks


Yes, the images you have add there do not contain any caption text.
You are able to do this inside the armadillo editor, when adding an image to your post, there is a description / alt text input field for the image where you are able to specify the caption text.

Yes indeed. That’s terrific. If I ever find the time I’m going to make some videos of the things that have tripped me up so they don’t trip up other people!

Many thanks Jannis.

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That would be great Rob. I still have difficulties to incorporate Gallery 3 in Armadillo as in your blog page test.


Well, let me know about it, and I can help…

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