Cardinal theme - trouble installing - missing stucks

(Sylwia) #1

I’ve having problem opening Cardinal theme in newest versions of RApidWeaver.
/ in version 5 seem to be fine/
a message keep popping out that a stuck is missing

any thoughts, pls?

(Isaiah Carew) #2

Can you show a screenshot or the exact text of the error message please? It will help in identifying the exact problem that needs to be corrected.

(Sylwia) #3

hi, thanks
Ive moved on to Streamline
Im not a developer, and know not much about building sites etc. but ive managed to create something. Now trying to publish it and its all wrong, can someone help pls?
I have hosting with goDaddy and using Rapid weaver 6 and page looks like this

i suspecting I need a new software but any other sudjestions, please??
Many thanks