Issue with Michael David's Venture theme

Hey guys,

Does anybody have issue with installing Michael David’s Venture theme v 2.0 on RapidWeaver Version 6.3.5 (15114)?
I send Michael a video with all steps I’m doing; he send me the latest version 2 of his theme and it properly extracts from archive, but for some reasons Rapidveawer can’t install it. Michael and me have no clue why would Rapidweaver won’t install it.
All my other themes install properly.

Thanks for any hints!

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Hello, its May 21st 2020, just purchased everything new and Davids Venture theme will not install. Its unlikely we are the first ones with this issue…This is very disheartening, I hope we prevail.

You are replying to a five year old post. That’s 2+ versions back for RapidWeaver. I doubt the problem is the same.

How are you trying to install it?

What happens?