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(Henk van Mierlo) #1

I don’t se the above programs I’ve bought in RW5 back in RW6

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

If you just updated to RapidWeaver 6, you might only have the RapidWeaver 5 versions of those plugins. You need to go to the developers websites and find the RapidWeaver 6 versions and install them.

(Diego) #3

I have Weaverpix 3 and it works with the serial purchased in 2012. But I downloaded the updated version:

(Henk van Mierlo) #4

I downloaded the link you gave me but than weverpix 2 for RW downloaded
Rgeards Henk

(Diego) #5

I just tried to download again it from that page, and and it is version 3.4.8