Weaverpix and RW7

Using RapidWeaver7 and importing some pictures in WeaverPix Version 3.4.8 (29b6079) and switching from edit to preview I get this window:

Exception while exporting site

***-[_NSArrayM objectAtindex:]: index 0 beyond bounds for empty array

What’s the matter? In RW5 all was going as a bomb ….

Frits Sandkuijl

The Netherlands

Do you have the latest version of Weaverpix?? Pretty sure the one that worked in RW 5 will not work in RW 6, 7 or 8.

hi, from your support ticket, it looks like the plugin didn’t migrate over. please re-install the latest version via the url provided

With the help of Chillidog Hosting (thanks Greg!!) I uninstalled WeaverPix and received and placed a new version. A quick and professional support! I’m again a happy user of RW7!


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