Cart2 / Stripe checkout not responding - SOLVED

(Jeroen Born) #1

On my website there a various services/products to be booked or reserved. Since shortly the Stripe checkout is no longer responding. The Paypal is doing okay. Does anyone have a similar problem?

Done so far: Refreshed the API key in the Cart2 stack. Republished the pages involved.

(Jeroen Born) #2

So nobody has the similar problem? Stripe is just not responding anymore. Did something change within the Cart2 stack? I have no clue. Advise and tips are welcome.

(NeilUK) #3

There’s an error on the page related to Stripe.

I’m not 100% sure what the issue is, but it could be related to users having to accept the terms and conditions before checkout. If you have that option selected, maybe try turning it off.

Otherwise, I’d ask @yuzool for help.

(Jeroen Born) #4

Hi, no never had the ‘terms’ clicked on. I will wait on Michael Farland from @juzool

(Nick Cates) #5

Hopefully Yuzool will be able to help you guys out. If you need a solid RapidWeaver cart alternative, I would highly recommend Cartloom. Cartloom has a free PLAY plan to test everything out within RapidWeaver. We offer fully designed product page embeds - OR - you bring the design - while Cartloom brings the checkout.

(Michael Frankland) #6

@Jerome - could you update to Cart Stack 2.3.5 - we sent this update out in August over the summer break :slight_smile:

(Jeroen Born) #7

Hi Michael,

The URL link is no longer available? Also tried within RW looking for stacks updates. Nothing there. So I can not update your stack…

(Jeroen Born) #8

Who has got the Cart Stack 2.3.5 update for me? Michael seems to be on holiday.

(Michael Frankland) #9

Wish I was on holiday … I replied to you yesterday - so if I was then that’s good going on my part :slight_smile:

Who has got the Cart Stack 2.3.5 update for me?

Could you clarify what this means?

I’ve just emailed you a download link

(Jeroen Born) #10

Thank you Michael, your first link did not work and then there was no follow-up on that. Thank you for sending the download separately. Much appreciated, jeroen

(system) #11

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