Support for the new STRIPE 'Prices API'

Hi - I’m currently using @yuzool Checkout 2 Stack with it’s built in support for STRIPE’s payment processing platform. It would appear that in May 2020 STRIPE moved away from issuing SKU information and instead issue a new Prices API ID. As the Checkout 2 Stack has not been updated to reflect this change (see attached screenshot) has anyone managed to find a workaround that they are willing to share ? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards | Justin

I have exactly the same issue. @DinkyPixel, what solution did you find since your post last month?

The Rapidweaver stack developer who will create a replacement for Checkout 2 by Yuzool has a client in me!

Hi @Geo - I’m afraid I not heard anything back from @yuzool @YuzoolSupport with regards to their Checkout 2 stack now not working with STRIPE. In terms of the ‘work around’ I was hoping for an update to the stack. As support for this stack hasn’t materialised I have had to abandon the Checkout stack altogether and move over to using ECWID to take payment. It’s not ideal but will have to do for now. Kind Regards | Justin

Dear Justin,

Sorry, as we have been lacking in the support area. Please email us at We hope tor resolve the stripe problem soon. Kind regards,

Support Team at

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Dear Justin,

What version of Cart2 are you using? Just wanted to make sure you have the latest release? Kind regards,

Support Team at

Hi - Using Version 1.0 of the stack entitled Checkout 2 from @yuzool purchased on the 3rd of November 2019. After running an update check in Rapidweaver there would appear to be no new version of this stack available. Kind Regards | Justin

Dear Justin,

Noted. Sorry, I misread and assumed it was Cart 2. You are using the most recent version of checkout 2. The stack uses the stripe.redirectToCheckout function. From the stripe site:, it seems that SKU information is still valid as part of the “Line Items” array with SKU of the item or subscription passed into it. What is the error you are seeing? Kind regards,

Support Team

Dear Justin,

I sent you an update to the checkout2 stack. Can you see if that corrects your problem? Kind regards,

Support Team

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Dear All,

We have fixed the Checkout 2 stack (now version 1.1) and it works with modified API as Justin noted. Kind regards,

Yuzoolthemes Support Team


Hi Sydney,
I’m also having issues with Checkout2 and Stripe.
I have updated to v1.1
It has been working for me previously but having problems again.
When you click on then payment button, absolutely nothing happens…no error message, doesn’t open Stripe payment page…nothing at all.
I have sku id in checkout2 stack.
Have success and cancel full url’s
Have products setup in Stripe account.

I have a test product setup for $1 AUD at this url
Checkout button is at the very bottom of the page.

Any ideas please.

Many thanks

see screenshots attached.

Any thoughts please?

Dear Scott,

Please email our directly, so we can possibly send you a stack to test. It could be a conflict within javascript that is causing the code not to be executed. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team

Hi Sydney,

Ok, have discovered the issue and now have Stripe payments working.

I did have the url in, I already had in the Stripe Dashboard Checkout Settings but it also needed as well.

It doesn’t require the full url for the page where the Checkout2 Stacks are located, so in my instance this url is not required, just the root domain but both and are required.

It might be worth noting this on your documentation as I know I’m not the only person who has issues with Stripe integration.

Thanks for your help and quick response.

Have a good day.

Cheers Scott

Thank you for your note. Am glad we were able to help.

Yuzool Support Team

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