Cartloom 4 - E Commerce for RapidWeaver


(steve bee) #21

How do you add products?

(Justin) #22

Looks great! So the pro payment is per domain and one payment only? Or is it a monthly thing?


(...) #23

Click on pricing.

(Chet) #24

@Flash Got it. Looks like they just updated the site this evening.

(Nick Cates) #25

Cartloom Pay Transaction Fee: Free Plan 2% - Plus & Pro Plans 0%

This is in addition to standard Credit Card Processing fees: 2.9% + 30¢

(Nick Cates) #26

The Cartloom Pro plan is $29 a month, on the Cartloom account itself. You can use Cartloom anywhere including multiple domains, no limits there.

If you signup with the “Pro Features Forever” addon, that’s a one time $59. At that point, you’d choose a Free or Plus plan, and enjoy the extra features forever :slight_smile:

(Chet) #27

Thanks Nick! Very reasonable

(Nick Cates) #28

Adding a product in Cartloom would start like this. You set all product details, Cartloom can handle selling just about anything. The “Page” tab is where you drag and drop in images, and fill out a large description for the product page - should you want to embed your product into a website.

And here’s a screenshot of the Snippets tab, Cartloom provides many ways to offer your products for sale. Notice Drag to Stacks, this is special integration into Stacks. We’ve worked very hard to get full product pages literally, drag, drop, done.

(Nick Cates) #29

Thanks Chet, we’ve done our homework. For “no monthly charge” ecommerce services, 2% is the going rate, and Cartloom 4 selling tools are first class.

(Nick Cates) #30

Just wanted to hit on another huge feature at kinda went under the radar, Cartloom can do Invoices. I know many of you out there bill clients - this is for you!

Here’s the edit mode.

And when the client is paying the bill online, here’s what they’ll see…

A georgous invoice… Invoices can auto remind clients of unpaid bills, and we offer a customisable invoice email template - letting clients know when they have a bill. You can even send out estimates for approval. It’s a very nice feature we’ve added!


Hi @nickcates and @yabdab, this looks great! I’ve been keen on using Cartloom for a while now and this may just convince me once and for all.

I just need to clarify: If I use the “$59 Pro Features Forever” option, does this mean that any of the stores I create for my clients will have those features enabled (but only up to the maximum of 3 stores on Free or Plus Plans)? In that case, it probably makes sense to keep this account for my own stores and create separate Cartloom accounts for each of my clients’ stores.

Another question: Can I “deactivate” one of the 3 stores on the Free and Plus plans if the venture proves not to be viable and “free up” that store slot on my account?


(Jan Fuellemann) #32

Thanks! To use it in Germany, it has to be compliant with the Buy Now Button requirements, which are summarized here:

Does it meet these requirements?

Thank you

Jan Füllemann

(Yabdab) #33


Based on what I read , it sounds like everything in Cartloom would be compliant. You have total control over the text used in the Add-to-cart ( Buy Now ) buttons, so you can make sure it reads the way it needs to. We also make sure that the customer is made aware of each step of the checkout process.

If you were to use Cartloom, and have an issue with the German law, then we would be quick to resolve the issue if possible.

(steve bee) #34

I am perhaps just not seeing the obvious, but I’m struggling to understand how to add products. Is there a live demo to play with?


  1. Can it handle multiply variants?
  2. Can stock and price levels by adjusted via CSV upload?
  3. Warehouse images?

(Nick Cates) #35
  1. Yes. Cartloom supports spin-offs and production variation options.
  2. You can import products via CSV, but not change existing product pricing with CSV
  3. Cartloom hosts all added product images

We don’t have a free public demo account - but for $24, you can take everything for a spin now. Or wait till the official release, and grab a free account.

(steve bee) #36

Thanks Nick.

I’m still a bit fuzzy though, most likely me, brain not working to well today… Is Cartloom some sort of standalone app that can now be integrated in to RW or is it a RW plugin? Or both? Sorry, not enough sleep, too much coffee, brain not functioning.

(Matthias Ficht) #37

Congrats Mike and Nick on the beta-release, looks very, very nice! :slight_smile:

To make things clear for me…:

  1. If I now order the “Cartloom Beta Special” for $24 and in addition the “Pro Features Forever” Add-on for $59, I will never ever pay any monthly fees in the future?
  2. How many different domains (this also means: how many shops) can I use with the above mentioned purchase?

Best, Matthias

(Nick Cates) #38

Great question. Cartloom is a 100% a stand alone web app, that offers unique integration with RapidWeaver stacks with drag and drop snippets. But really, Cartloom can embed products and stores into any website, even no website!

(Nick Cates) #39
  1. Pro Features Forever means, when you have a Cartloom account, get Pro plan features enabled for your Free and Plus plans. This excludes: Free Plan - 2% Order Transaction Fee, and Free Plan - Gateways. Why must the Free plan 2% transaction charge remain?
    Cartloom is for profit business, and cannot provide high quality services for free, indefinitely.

  2. It should go, a single Cartloom account per business. So trying to use a single Cartloom account for even 2 different clients will not work. But a single Cartloom account can create multiple shops that can be showns virtually anywhere, not limited to domain. Does that help clarify?

(Nick Cates) #40

1 Client = 1 Cartloom Account

Each client, should have they’re own Cartloom account for many technical and financial reasons. Multiple stores are intended for business that offer variety of products, and don’t wish to group them all together. A separate Store can even be a group of your Top 5 sellers, which is cool and useful.

Pro Features Forever in your case would mean, a single client can have an unlimited count of stores using the Free or Plus plans. You can delete stores at any time.