CartLoom remains a frustrating mystery most of the time. I have an item set up to sell, and it appears my site is effectively connected to CartLoom.

But clicking the Add To Cart button doesn’t add to cart. Anyone have a clue as to what might be amiss here?

@joeworkman has provided mega-helpful tips, but I confess to being all-at-sea here.

Hi @David_NYC,


Joe Workman doesn’t make CartLoom, @yabdab does. For questions about it you’d want to reach out to them.

If you can provide a link to the page where the add to cart button is not working, that would help people with troubleshooting the problem.


Sorry to hear you are having issues getting Cartloom up and running.

If you don’t mind, please submit a support ticket with details to our help desk and we will get this sorted for you.