Cartloom and csv data

Does anyone know if it’s possible to upload descriptions and other data via CSV to Cartloom? I have a large inventory (600+) with detailed descriptions, and manual entry may be too time consuming.

I’d hoped that each aspect of the cart / product could be set via CSV, and I found references to fields for short, long, and even HTML descriptions in Cartloom’s knowledge base, but a test upload failed, giving zero items to import (there was one test product in the csv).

I’d also hopes to be able to download a CSV of current products, but I think I can only download the sample CSV file in the ‘free’ package I’m subscribed to.

Is there another automated way to pipe data into / out of the store, so I can included descriptions and other data?

I am also interested in knowing about speedy entry.

Kevin, on some of the add on apps I use - they work better after you pay. $20 is probably nothing.

If you are not already using Magnet and a clipboard manager like Paste (both from the apple app store) this will make your life 1000% easier.

Magnet will split screen via shortcuts and then you can past all 600 items one at a time.

If Nick is looking for improvements, I would recommend a more direct route to the edit and embed properties in cartloom. Currently you have to click a number of buttons to get to the embed code.

(Nick paddling causes carpel tunnel which is not good for accurate clicking)

Cheers Marty

Thanks Martin.

I’m not looking at using apps at the moment, other than to ascertain what Cartloom’s base-level features are. If there is an app to bulk edit descriptions, I’d certainly take a look, but I’ve yet to find one.

We have around 600 products, and I was enquiring if it was possible to get product details / descriptions uploaded via the CSV import feature. I don’t think Magnet and a clipboard manager would help (600 windows and pasteboards?!).

Our inventory is large, and it seems odd that we can upload titles, stock, download URLs, serial numbers, etc, but can’t upload even basic descriptions or specifications (arguably the most important element of a product, from a sales perspective).

I can access and edit product information easily enough, but only one-product-at-a-time. With 600+ products to add to our store, copy/pasting descriptions, synopsis, specifications, etc, for each one individually isn’t practicable.

Because Cartloom is database-driven and already has an import feature, I had hoped this was integrated into the CSV import. If it is possible, I can’t find any reference as to how.

Does anyone have any experience working with large inventories of this sort? Maybe Cartloom is best for small inventories that can be managed by hand, not larger ones? Are there apps that enable bulk edit of descriptions? (I don’t mean alternatives to Cartloom: I already know a number of these already offer this feature.)

@nickcates bump

Hi Kevin. How do you keep all your files and photos organized and in the same place for your large inventory?

I have used lightroom several times and it seems like I then have way too many copies of everything all spread out.

I was researching FTP app last night and watched a video about Forklift 3, which looks to have a nice renaming function with dual windows available for sync etc.

If you have tips, and or get more info how to CSV your data I would like to hear it.

I still recommend magnet and a clipboard manager. My clipboard currently has about 100 items, many from yesterday which are screen shots from how to videos that I will paste down into a textedit later tonight when I have that app open.

Cheers Marty

How do you keep all your files and photos organized and in the same place for your large inventory?

Very carefully! I use warehousing as much as possible. Managing photos, graphics, source files, and variants is pretty easy for us (I’ve curated asset libraries for decades), and it’s mostly down to careful management and clear data structures. Local storage is kept simple and segregated, and we try to do basic or straightforward tasks outside of RW, using RW for structural changes and site design.

Our main issue is the volume of prepared and edited textual data, which is myriad for each of our products, and subject to change: far too much for a manual process, even with a good CMS system. Bulk / batch inventory management, including the ability to upload formatted descriptions, is must and Cartloom seemed most promising.

Sadly, I’ve just heard from Cartloom, and they don’t provide the ability to include descriptions in uploads, so we will have to discount Cartloom and look at other options. They have said they may integrate such a feature in the future in some manner (possibly JSON), but at the moment it’s a no-go (so give them a prod if you’re also interested in this feature)

I’ve used Forklift before, and it’s a good FTP client, from memory. I currently used CyberDuck, as it’s pared-down, and doesn’t look like a 90s terminal (like FileZilla), and – so far – works every time! The FTP issues I’ve had in RW have been fixed with the latest Beta, so I can use Cyberduck for warehousing independently of RW.

I do have Magnet, although I admit I don’t use it much, but I will checkout the clipboard manager, which sounds useful.

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