Anyone sold video downloads via Cartloom?

Im setting up an ecommerce page on a clients website using Cartloom.
Once paid for the video will be available to download via an automated email.

Has anyone done this? I have some questions but cant find any info or samples.

Do I need to offer different video formats?

Is Cartloom good for this or should I use somewhere more geared towards video download?


I have just found this info on cartloom To upload a file (under 100MB)
Agggggh my files are bigger than 100MB and I have 7 of them.

SO I guess Cartloom is not going to work???

File Storage

Cartloom Support

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The File Browser is used to upload and manage digital products to Cartloom. The file browser is used ONLY for Cartloom hosted files, not for sellers utilizing Amazon S3.

To upload a file (under 100MB) to Cartloom, click +Choose File, select the file(s) from your computer and select Upload.

Once uploaded, files will be displayed on the right hand side of the page. You can see the file neame, the date it was last uploaded and the total file size. To delete a file, click the X icon adjacent to the file size.

So If the files are too big for Cartloom Im wondering if I can host them elsewhere but still use Cartloom to sell them,
Turning into a bit of a nightmare. I know its doable … but haver no idea even where to look or how to start

Believe there’s an op to use amazon s3.

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You can use your own S3 account to deliver the video files. Just got to Add Ons section and set up the Amazon S3 Add On. Once you do that, Cartloom will pull files form your own S3 buckets.

This actually makes it easier for you to upload and maintain the video files.

If you have any more questions , then let me know. :grin:

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Thank you Thank you. I’ll do that.

My client is requesting that they are hosted on google drive. Can. I do it that way?

Is Amazon better?

Im a bit confused as to what format is best for all devices … MV4 ?

I might be wrong, but I think CartLoom only has it’s own download(limited size) or Amazon S3.

As for format:

Downloading mv4 (or any video format) seems to work ok on a desktop. If you download on a Mac and Click on it, it should launch Quicktime(or another player if you have a different player selected for defaults). Windows will do similar and start the Windows Media Player. All sounds good until you enter the world of iOS.

When you send a “download” link like Mv4 to an iPad or iPhone via email, and click on it what happens? What I found is it will launch Safari and start to Play the video. iOS doesn’t offer you an option to “save” the file. So every time the customer wants to view the video, they have to use the download link again. That means you can’t expire the links.

That’s why I think most online training services use either a membership area of a website and or have independent apps for storing and playing videos on mobile.


Cartloom does not support Google Drive for file delivery.
AFAIK that is a poor choice as it requires using the Google UI ( to download ) and links cannot be encrypted.


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