Cartloom on RapidWeaver - how does it work?

I a big RapidWeaver Stacks fan, and I now want to upgrade my shopping cart with Cartloom for Rapid weaver. My question is: how does this work? I know there are monthly costs for Cartloom. Will it work on my GoDaddy web space like Rapid Weaver does? Are there separate costs for the Cartloom plugin and Cartloom? I currently have only PayPal on my website. Can I let my customers charge to their MasterCard or visa with Cartloom and is there a separate merchant account/monthly fee required to enable that?

My understanding is that the Cartloom stack is free. There are also various code snippets that Cartloom users get which can be dragged and dropped into your Rapidweaver pages so that you can have a store, featured items and so on, pretty much wherever you like.

Cartloom pricing is here - As I understand it, you pay the monthly fee and that’s it.

Depending on your payment gateway, you’ll then probably have to pay a small charge per transaction.


Thanks for asking! Here’s some quick answers:

  1. Cartloom is a fully hosted solution, and managed database. Meaning your ecommerce account runs and lives on Cartloom servers, who you host your site with, is your choice.

  2. Cartloom is available in monthly paid 2 plans, $19.95, or $29.95. For processing credit cards, you will need a payment gateway - I’m a huge fan of Stripe for this:

Cartloom can connect with your Stripe account and Paypal account, there are no monthly Stripe fees, and you take the standard 2.9% for each credit card transaction.

  1. Cartloom will work with ALL RapidWeaver themes. Cartloom basically works anywhere you can have a website :slight_smile:

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. Thanks.

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Nick has a good overview video on the process and RapidWeaver

@teefers You’re the best! How on earth did I forget to include that link, lol. Thank you.

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