New to E-Commerce

I am in the process of helping develop an app that requires a monthly subscription fee. I am new to e-commerce so I am not sure which way to go. Essentially what we need is to be able to set-up a store that requires the customer to purchase a subscription based on the number of users of the app, so there is a limited amount of variability to the front end purchase (see the screenshot of the wireframe). After a 30 day period the subscription will need to renew either via PayPal, Credit Card, etc. What is the best platform to achieve this? Should I use something like RapidCart or CartLoom or use an external site such as Shopify?

Just as an FYI really, I’ve just used Rapidcart Pro 4.0 and Stripe…

RCP 4 doesn’t pass customer specific and product information to Stripe. You can set customers up in Stripe and do your subscription piece there but not paying through RCP unless I’m being amateur and not setting it up correctly.

It does connect to a MySQL DB if that helps?

that’s helpful. I have no idea about this end of things so I am trying to do my homework.

Take a look into cart loom and see if it will give you that all inclusive reporting. RCP doesn’t seem to do that straight out of the box you need some configuring of databases… learnt the hard way so you didn’t have to :frowning:

thanks for your help.

If someone has a similar kind of site I’d love to see one.