Change a setting in multiple stacks

Is there a way to select more than one of same stacks to change the same setting on it?

there is not.

but if you find yourself using a stack over and over with the same settings — even if the content is different— then you can use a partial, change the settings once inside the partial and it changes everywhere you use that partial.

I do use partials but there are times when I am tweaking stacks but each stack have it own unique contents like different images to different link however I wanted to add a bit more padding, margin or change animation on it etc.

It would be nice to be able to select every stack and then have RW only list the settings that all stacks have that are the same. Example almost all stacks have same margin and padding setting or background etc.

I can’t remember the name of that software but I used to have an editor in Windows long time ago where I select multiple objects and it would list all the settings that work the same in all the object that I selected which I could change.

It would make a nice addition to RW 8 so consider it a feature request :slight_smile: .

Right now, what i do is select the first stack and scroll down to the setting where I wanted change the setting then if I select next stack without selecting anything else in RW, it will load the next stack setting in the same location without having me to scroll down to it which is nice but once a while for some reason it will jump back to the top of the setting list.

I know you use BWD stacks and, while I’ve personally neglected to get myself familiar with it, Tav does have some options for shared styles (via his Pro Styles or the ButtonPlus styles). This might not totally fit your case but just an FYI in case you hadn’t seen it.

Yes, I do use Pro Styles on some of the web sites I that maintain, it’s a time saver! :smile: But still would like to see this feature if it even possible in future RW. I am always tweaking padding, margin, animations which aren’t available in site styles or pro styles.

Another time saver stack is Font Pro stack. I won’t do website without it! My project manager is always changing fonts ideas all the time and without Font Pro stack I would be running out of my office screaming pulling my hairs ha!

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