Change in partial does not mark all required pages as changed


just came across something in 7.1.2.
I have a partial which resides on a couple of pages. Once I apply a change to the partial (structure, content, settings), that should then, upon closing the partial window, trigger the mark for changed on all pages where that very partial resides. It does not. It only shows the mark on the very page where I applied the change in that partial. All the other pages where I have that partial require manual ticking.

Yep. We know about this one. Not easy to fix unfortunately. But working on it.

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I’ve noticed that, too, although very rarely (RW7.1.0). My partials are used on all pages. When my site was smaller, this hasn’t been happening (maybe that will provide a clue to a reason).

The bug is this:

RW 7.1 “lazy” loads the pages. This means some of the pages are still asleep when after you open up the file.

When you change a partial, those sleeping pages don’t notice the change and stay sleeping.

If you visit those pages, they will wake up and see the new partial info and notice any further changes.

So on a small file where you’ve likely visited all the pages, then things pretty much behave just like they did prior to 7.1.

I think a workaround for this, although cumbersome, is to choose Cmd-Shift-M – Mark all Pages as Changed – that will force RapidWeaver to look for changes in each page.
If a page has no changes, it don’t upload. This is far from ideal, but hopefully a viable workaround until me and the guys from RW sort out a way to handle this in the new RW 7.1 API.



Thanks for the heads up!