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I made some changes in partial today that is a header for all of my pages and when I publish it. It only published the changes on the page that I was editing the header partial in,

Isn’t it suppose to update all the pages with the header partial? I did empty my cache and the changes still did not show up on all other pages, just the page I was editing on. Did I miss something I needed to do to reflect the change on all of the pages that have the same header partial?

I am doing a republish all right now to fix this but I wanted to know if there a easier way to fix this in future since it a big website and takes forever to republish it.

Not sure if this is still the case with RW8:

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Yes it is…just saw it on a site on the newest version.
Help @isaiah

It happened to me today after upgrading to the newest version.

Unfortunately the situation has not changed very much since that post (linked above – thanks @thang) in 2016. I still recommend the same workaround: Cmd-Shift-M – Mark all Pages as Changed. It forces RW to look for changes in every page.

This does NOT mean it uploads every page – just that it will regenerate each page and check to see what has changed since the last upload.

Stacks 4 (due out very very soon – just a few weeks I think) will make this work-around automatic. That should at least make it a bit easier to keep things in sync – and remove the burden of remembering to do this. It’s a crude workaround, but at least functional.

However the fundamental limitation that was introduced in RW v7.1 remains. There is no way to keep track of all the myriad connectivity between partials and pages as that connectivity changes, without loading (at least a part) of those pages – and there is no way to do that in the RW API.

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