Change the Banner Background in Tesla / Split theme

(Michael Frankland) #62

Thanks @johnmcboston - in RapidWeaver 7 that’s now possible with a new feature - banner replacement - which is added in any RapidWeaver 7 optimised themes, like Kiki or Voyager - which ship in RW7

(Wondrous) #63

How to make, what to write, to put on top of a banner picture PNG? If write a ::after, then nothing works.
The banner itself:

#intro #intro-background {
background: url(%resource(banner.jpg)%);
background-size: cover;

And with after:

#intro #intro-background::after {
background: url(%resource(dots.png)%) repeat;

(Cristiana) #64

Dear Oscar, I have two major problems with Tesla Pro.

  1. I have managed to add my background as describen. I would like to insert a link on the Logo or on the picture which I know put as background. How can I do that?
  2. When I click on the menu bottoms the background should go up, so that the Menu remains on the top of the page. This doesnt work. I have to first click on the menu item, them click on the arrow below the logo to scroll down. Is there a way to let this happen automatically? Thanks!

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #65

Hi Christiana,

  1. It is not possible to set a link on a background image.

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software

(Adam Shiver) #66


As @instacks points out, including a link on the background image for the banner is not an option of the theme, whether you’re using the free version of Tesla that comes in RapidWeaver 6 & 7 or the paid Pro version that I sell.

As for the navigation in the theme – The navigation is not designed to work in the way you describe. The theme does not automatically scroll down to below the banner when a visitor lands on a page after clicking a link within the navigation bar.

(Cristiana) #67

Hi, have look at my website. I want to put a link on the logo actually:

Freundliche Grüße
Cristiana Cicoria

(Bob Afifi) #68

Here you go!
<a href="" border="0"><img src=""></a>

(Adam Shiver) #69

@CristianaCicoria That is not feature of the theme or RapidWeaver.

(Cristiana) #70

Genius!! I try that asap

Freundliche Grüße
Cristiana Cicoria

(Kim Polombo) #71

I have been following this thread for a few months now but the banner I see on the my preview is not visible when I publish the website. I was using the old code: #into-background {background: url(resources/header4.jpg) no-repeat center center! important;} and I was able to see my banner in preview. I have since used the new code but as soon as I preview it, my banner disappears and the Split background shows. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(Cristiana) #72

I pasted the code but it didn’t work. Where should I put it? I surely made a mistake! Thanks for helping!

(scott williams) #73

see above from theme author…

(Bob Afifi) #74

I think you’re going to have to either
1.) modify the index.html of the theme and republish or
2.) modify the published pages either manually or by batch using find/replace with something TexFinderX

(Cristiana) #75

Ready to do that, it sounds complicated. I am actually not so good in that. I would try to modify the index first. Where can I do that? Sorry…it is a small nightmare :slight_smile:

(Bob Afifi) #76

Select theme ->
right-click “show in Finder” ->
edit index.html in a text editor or IDE ->
Save ->

However, please be aware that if you update the theme you may have to do this over again if the index.html page changes.

(Kim Polombo) #77

Is there anywhere else I can find answers about changing the banner for Split Rapidweaver?

(Michael Frankland) #78

Have you tried this from here?


(Kim Polombo) #79

Thank you so much for getting back to me. After three long days, I finally figured it out. I was focused on the code but it turned out that the size of the photo was the problem all along. Live and learn. Thanks again for your help.

(Christian Gosch) #80

Hi there - for me it was a upper- lower case problem in the filenames.
I changed the filename.JPG in filename.jpg and it also worked after publishing to FTP.

(Mathew W) #81

Same for me. I just tried switching my whole site to SPLIT, and this is the one last thing I need to fix. In my preview window withing RapidWeaver, it shows the image I have in my RESOURCES, but after publishing, I just have a dark grey banner where the image should be with the white text of my site name on top.