Why do all RapidWeaver built in Themes have no fixed navigation?

(Derek Watson) #1

Why do all RapidWeaver built-in Themes have no fixed navigation? There are some great themes for doing a quick build but all have navigation which scrolls up with page content, is there any way to fix nav bar to head of window?

(Greg Schneck) #2

You’d have to ask the creator of the theme that question… There are many free theme’s and blank themes that you can get going very quickly. And also check to see if there is a theme option/setting for fixed or floating nav.

(Derek Watson) #3

I have looked at all built in themes plus the two I have already purchased and used but cannot see any options to fix the navigation.

(Greg Schneck) #4

That’s why “try before you buy” is so nice… I believe there are some Nav stacks that do as you ask. Perhaps you can turn off navigation in your theme and use a stack. This might get you started with some ideas for stacks:

Many free themes here and trials:

those are just to get you started… Check out other 3rd party vendors too…

(Derek Watson) #5

Thanks a lot.

It’s odd all the built-in themes don’t offer the function. Ended up using Foundation and stacks to do it!

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