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I’ve been making changes to my site, publishing via ftp using the publish pane in the latest version of Rapid Weaver. For some reason the changes aren’t appearing on my site. I’ve cleared all the caches and history from Safari, and have re-uploaded all the files. Still no luck.

I’m running Big Sur on Mac Mini M1. And, if it helps, after upload I no longer get the “Upload Complete, Visit Your Site” message pop up.

The support at Siteground, who host my sites, are excellent, but I’d like to give them the most accurate information at my end. By the way, if you give advice assume I’m a complete idiot and don’t understand the meaning of any acronym you might use.

The web site is and I’ve made changes to the address in my contacts page. The same issue happens with my other site,

Thanks - Nigel

I see this as the address

Registered Office
Acre House
11/15 William Road

Yes, that’s the wrong one. It’s not the one I’m uploading from RapidWeaver.

If you go into “publishing setup” inside RW and browse your ftp site. Does the folders it displays look correct and match what you see in your FTP client?

I’m asking in case it loading to a slightly different folder.

I think I can see what’s wrong, but not sure exactly who to fix it. If you see the first image, it’s from RapidWeaver and shows the publishing path

Then if I look using Transmit I get this:

So there is a public_html folder (which does contain all my most recent changes, 26/01/21,when I reaploaded the site yesterday) amongst folders of an older version of the site. Clearly, I want the newest folder that’s expanded to be the one that people go to. I am very computer ignorant, so is it simple a question of deleting the wrong files. Also at the bottom there are two folders called This time the newest (which again I uploaded yesterday) is at the top level, and the old one is within the 26/01/21 public html.

It looks like when you connect via FTP/SFTP, you are placed in the proper folder, so you don’t need to specify a subfolder.

In RW publishing settings, clear out the Path field. Click browse button next to it and then select the main folder.

Using Transmit, I would also delete the public_html folder that is under the page-6 folder. You don’t need it.

What transpired was that Siteground had changed how they host. Instead of a main domain and sub domain, each domain has its own…thing. Rapid Weaver was publishing to the wrong place, not Rapid Weavers fault. With Siteground support I managed to clean everything up, move folders around and so on. It might also have been connected to the fact that I remade my site recently as I moved to Big Sure, had lost the original Rapid Weaver site I’d created and so on. In the end everything now works, it’s all neat and tidy. Thanks for your help.


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