RW 7 Publishing not appearing on site

I’m using RW 7.2 with Mac OSX 10.11.6. When I publish to my site it usually says “unable to connect to server” and “failure to receive data from peer”. I then re-publish all the files and the progress bar shows it uploading the files. I visit the site but no updates. I have cleared cookies from my browser (Firefox). I continue to refresh the site for hours but still it is not updating. My host is Network Solutions and I have fixed their site permissions. The publish path seems to be the correct as it is the same as I used in RW 5.4.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Have you visited your host (not website) to see your updated files there? Possible you need to delete some old files? Especially if new pages are php vs html.

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Just in case you haven’t seen it:


Thank you Lisa. I did check that. There are old files but no new ones. None are php however. Perhaps I should delete all the files and re-upload? Thanks! -d

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Thank you David. I will check out the publishing article this morning. I appreciate your help! :slight_smile: -d

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If you’re not seeing any new files on the host then it’s not uploading correctly and seems to be a connection issue. Definitely check out the link above and make sure all your settings are correct.

Thank you Lisa. As both you and David said I needed to check my publishing settings and my setting for FTP should have been “Extended Passive” which is the default but was set at “Passive”. Once I changed that all went well.

Thank you both very much!
Have a fantastic week!
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