RW 7 is pretty darn good :-)

I wanted to give kudos to the Realmac team for their overall great work. Yes, there are hiccups, gripes and complaints along the road, including from myself, but as a whole I think RW is pretty darn good. The svg addition in 7.3.3 made my day!

I think it’s only fair to share some love every now and then. Far too often are we willing to lash out, but not too often are we saying “great work guys”. Yes, we paid for the product and we can have some expectations of functionality and quality. I think we do get our money’s worth and the functionality with every incremental release is appreciated. Just don’t ask me to share my project file any time something fails :slight_smile:

And of course, the kudos are extended to the Stacks folks as well!


Thanks so much for this, it’s really nice to hear from happy weavers :blush:


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