Changing a pdf file in the resource folder

The homepage on my website ( has a list of 441 (435 + 6) politicians e.g. Steve King. Practically all have a link to a pdf file on my resource folder (e.g, steve-king.pdf). I want to change the pdf file for about 330 politicians. Can I just upload the new pdf files keeping the pdf file names the same? Do I have to disconnect the link between Steve King and the old steve-king.pdf, upload the new pdf files, and reestablish the link?

a link is just a pointer. If you change the file but keep the EXACT same name, the content will change

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I am not completely clear what is meant by “the content will change” but for what its worth you can override the files by saving over them in the Finder. So if you update say a word document and save to the same location with the same name and chose to replace that file RapidWeaver will update the resource location without having to relink to that file again.

If you look at it from the resource folder with QuickLook it will update what it shows. However in order for the new file to be uploaded and recognized as changed you have to save and close your RapidWeaver project and reopen and RapidWeaver will then update to the new file. Sometimes for these reasons it is necessary to mark all files as changed and just upload it all again if needs be but at least you will not have to relink the file.

The pointer files follows all the same rules as Alias files on the mac from what I can tell. If you trash a file and then replace a new file with the same name to the same path then RapidWeaver will follow the old file to the trash. That is why you want to choose to replace the file when you save.

I know this is an old post but might help someone searching.