Delete PDF files from Resources and RW7 won't Save

@tpbradley Using RW Version 7.3 (18575) I have added some PDF files to the resources folder. If I delete one of the files, RW will then not save my project file saying “The document could not be saved.” I have rebooted Mac yet the behaviour is still the same.

Only using Stacks and Foundry.

PS The reason I am deleting files from the Resources is that files in resources are not being correctly configured.

Eg. I am using …/resources/filename to locate my files. This works in RW preview but when published the URL is changed to /rw_common/themes/resources/filename which does not exist.

Update. RW files won’t Save at all even when RW is started, Open File and trying to Save without any change fails. RW Project file now ****ed.

Take a look here and if you still need help please send your (zipped) to support.

@LaPan Thanks but I read all of that before posting and as a result tagged tpbradley. None of it helped. However, my issue is that my file is now corrupted so I will have to restore a Time Machine copy and accept lost work and time.

I’m just letting RM know that there is still a Save issue and the Resources linking does not work correctly.

My solution is to not use Resources.

My RW file wasn’t corrupted, it was RW that became corrupted. The solution was to download RW7.3.3, remove the RW7.3 and install again. Now working OK. Several hours lost which was very frustrating.

OSX 10.11.6