Nested Resources Folders

When I put a folder in a resources folder by draging and dropping and then adding in other content from the Finder sometimes the content shows and other times it doesn’t when I go to look for the files by linking to them. I have one folder that has several PDF’s and one of the PDF’s doesn’t show but all the others do and as far as I can tell there is nothing uniquely different about that PDF. Other times nothing shows up as a file to link to. However all of the files can be viewed with QuickLook from the resources folder.

It would be so nice if there was a way to just drag a single folder into the resources folder and all the subfolders all just show up and keep the folder structure. The resources folder for me is a nightmare compared to what I am use to in DreamWeaver. It ends up being a lot of extra work linking to files and managing larger websites.

Hi, Adam,

First of all, whatever knowledge you posses about Dreamweaver, forget it. RapidWeaver is a different beast.

If I may suggest, the best way to include multiple PDF files in your website is to store them in a separate folder on the server and link (reference) them in your pages. There are free stacks for that, for example, the excellent Embed stack from Will Woodgate. The same method (and stack) can be used for other kinds of files besides PDF – images, audio, video.

That way, you avoid going the ‘resources’ path altogether. Your development, exporting and publishing becomes faster and less of a headache.

That is my own, personal opinion. Others may disagree…

Thanks that is actually what I have been using but then I purchased Joe Workman’s PDF stack so I could keep things all linked through his stack incase I moved anyfiles since unlike Dreamweaver when I move files in the Finder the link paths don’t update only way to do that is with the resource folder which drives me bonkers!

The resource folder will show things and then not show things with the exact same stack. Seems like a bug to me and then after a second click sometimes it shows the file. In the end I ended up just sticking with the Embed stack I have been using for months and doing exactly what you do of just referencing files on the server.

I was trying to shed my love of things that worked so well for me in Dreamweaver but all the extra time in file management and finding broken links in RapidWeaver is so painful. These are such old features I am a bit surprised they have not made there way into RapidWeaver yet. The health check is a great start but not quite there yet.

Anyway thanks for the help and confirming a better workflow I wish I didn’t have to agree with you that warehousing the files is the best way to go with RapidWeaver.

I wish I could help you with your specific problems with ‘resources’, but I’ve never had that kind of situation before. Resources always worked for me as expected.

Are you sure there is no illegal characters in file names? Perhaps deleting files (and nested folders) from resources and then adding them again would solve the disappearing act?

Thanks for the reply and my apologies for the really long delay. I ended up just not using the resources “folder” for much of this and just created links to files I uploaded to the server (warehousing or caravanning as Dan C. calls it).

Hi, Adam,

Yes, whenever it is possible to use warehousing, it is better than using ‘resources’ folder within RW.