**RapidWeaver Version:** *6.3,8 disappearing resource files

I load RW and it never sees the resources video at all. It ignores them sometimes even if you relink them.
It knows where they are but calls them null.

Any special characters or spaces in the file names?

No swilliam they are ok. Typical file name THG-afterround(1).mp4

I would not use parenthesis, I would name it
The (1) could cause issues.


A good idea on the face of it but the renamed files are also being being deleted when I export.
What sort of a crazy application deletes files it needs?


John, did you relink the resources to the new filenames? If not, RapidWeaver will have no idea what to export.

If that doesn’t work…

What Theme?
Are you using stacks?
What stacks are in the site?
Where are the video’s hosted?
How are you referencing the video’s on your page?


It’s pretty hard to link them if they have been deleted by RW when I export.
Still I will go through the whole process again.

I’m not sure I understand…

You export the site then link to video’s?

Or the Resources list on the Project window get deleted? - this usually happens if the resource isn’t used in the site somewhere (same goes for Stacks partials) I do believe…

Pictures would be good :slight_smile:


I am not feeling well so i am grumpy but exporting my site has caused all of the video resource files to be deleted from the hard drive
That means I cannont relink because they no longer exist.


Oh man, that is very odd behaviour and a new one to the forums… I know this is of no help, but video resources in my projects don’t delete on export or publish…

Are they on your server for you to ftp to and grab them back to your hard drive or a time machine backup perhaps?

Sorry you’re not feeling well, get better soon!


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