Changing the font size inside a lightbox

(Oliver) #1

Hey guys,

well I’ve run into a problem I wasn’t able to solve yet. Its about changing the font size of the text within a lightbox.
To change the font size everywhere else I’m using MagniFont, the lighbox I’m using is Stack Lightbox 3. I also tried TopBox (demo), but MagniFont wasn’t working there, too. Strangely when I set up the whole thing first it worked, I have no clue why it isn’t working anymore.
Now I’m displaying a notice on how to resize the font using cmd +/-, but still I’d prefer using MagniFont.

You may see it live at (actually live page without magnifont in lighbox)| (hidden copy with magnifont in lighbox) (as the site is in german you should let translate it by google first). The lighboxes get triggered by the link-list in the bottom-left corner.

P.S.: By clicking e.g. A+ (bigger font) nothing happens. But when I close the lightbox and reopen it, the font is bigger now.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

(Oliver) #2

No ideas? C’mon people :smiley:

(Will Woodgate) #3

I can only provide custom CSS code for changing the font size in TopBox. I don’t provide free support for stacks from other developers or guarantees they will work.

Permanently increasing or decreasing the font size in TopBox (without the aid of + / - buttons) is easy to do with custom CSS code.

Or try the free demo of Font Resizer Ultimate to see if this works any better for you on a webpage.

TopBox also has support for callbacks. So if you have custom Javascript that needs to execute when the lightbox is opened, navigated or closed, this is a powerful method to interact with the lightbox and have ‘stuff happen’.