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I’ve tried to put a sticky stack on my site at and it works fine in preview mode, but not when published. I’ve emailed Will, but just wondered if there might be anything obvious I’ve missed. I’ve tried the CSS code that Will has made available but it hasn’t made a difference. I’ve attached a screenshot of the settings.

It sticks on the right side of my screen as I scroll down.
Is this what is intended?
Am viewing on Safari


Erm- yes. How weird?!?

That’s not what I get on my iMac, iPad or iPhone?

Sticks fine on my iPad.

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I’ve just tried Chrome, which works as it should, but Safari and Firefox aren’t working. Firefox won’t even load the tweets? I’ve also tried emptying the cache in Safari - still nothing.

iPad works fine with latest versions of:

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Did you check your console for possible errors?

Just so you know, there is NO version of Chrome or Firefox for iOS (or any other browser for that matter), they are all WebKit ie Safari but with a Chrome/Firefox skin. Apple doesn’t allow any other browser engine on iOS.

True the rendering engine is WebKit, but I have seen a lot of different things that work on one browser and doesn’t on another.

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These errors were showing, but I’m not really sure what they mean.

I’ve tried the same effect with Joe Workman’s Call to Action stack and also Doobox’s Final Word stack and the both behave in the same way. It’s the same on my wife’s iPad as well.

The site is with Will’s Volcano theme. There’s clearly a conflict somewhere.

It now seems to be working. I have no idea what’s happened, but happy days :slight_smile:

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The error messages above appear to be with @2 retina images not being found.
If that was the only errors it shouldn’t have caused the sticky issue.

Anyway glad it started working, although I hate when stuff “fixes” it self with out some reason. Always feels like you’re going to get bit by it again.
Didn’t think to ask before but are you using CloudFlare or simular product?
That would explain the delay.

No, just the htaccess file to use the Let’sEncrypt certificate. I appreciate your replies though.



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