Please can we all take care

This is by no means exclusive to Rapidweaver, but I’m concerned.

We, as investors in Rapidweaver/Realmac, need to see the product prosper and grow. In order for that to happen, the developers need to do well and I’m concerned about the criticisms I’m seeing of some guys simply trying to earn a living.

Some of the guys seem to be doing well. whereas others are getting better offers or simply falling by the wayside and maybe that could be prevented?

Realmac themselves seem to be quiet on some products and it wasn’t long since development on Rapidweaver seems to be very quiet before we had two fantastic updates.

If you can, please do a video testimonial, or app store review. Same for developers like @willwood who give fantastic support.

Developers, please could you get together to ensure your mutual survival?

Maybe I’ve got it all wrong, but with every host offering builders and the likes of weekly/wix being all over social media, I’m a bit worried about the future of stand alone apps. I want to carry on using Rapidweaver for as long as possible.

@dan I can’t help but think it would be worthwhile looking to do some kind of reciprocal deal with 4ground and Isiah.

Please delete if this is doing more harm than good.


Hi @Bazza,

I honestly wouldn’t be worried. We have no plans to stop developing RapidWeaver; it’s still thriving.
We’re continuing to work on v7.x and have even had v8 in development for a while now :wink:

The problem with hosted services such as Squarespace and the like is that all your content is hosted with them, you can’t move it away.

One of the benefits of developing your own sites locally is that you’re 100% in control. Don’t like who your hosting with? Simply move to another host.

You can even work offline with RapidWeaver. Online solutions obviously can’t do this.

They’ll be a place for local/static website builders for a long time to come.

Happy Weaving,


Those developers who provide great products and great support will thrive. Others – I’m not so sure. But I am not worried about that.


I couldn’t agree more, Rob!


just to be nitpicking sure: you still have v8 in development, right? not … “had in development” …

Just checking,
keep up the good work!


Yup, v8 is still in development. We’re firing on all cylinders.

Exciting times ahead.