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Hi all i have just bought this software and am finding it really challenging i.e. the email messages come in but no forms are there. it appears they are saved on the server however there is no instruction on how to retrive, anyone have any experiance with this product?

If you have set FormsPlus to save the form data online, it will be in the formsplus-uploads/auto-generated-user-id/responses/ folder. You can access it using an FTP client, such as Transmit.

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You have to set the layout of the e-mail up in the form submission template as
Question asked [input name]
So it could be
How old are you: [Age] where Age = the input name.
You have to do this for each element on the form.
However I have not got the form receipt template to work yet.

Hi Alan

The email templates are completely customizable. There are two ways to add the responses to the Template:

  1. As @Leonberger suggested, you give each Element in your Form a name that uniquely identifies the Element on in your Form. You then update your Template with [nameOfElement]

  2. In 1.9.5, there is a new Form Submission/Receipt Template option to Append all Inputs to the Email

Submission are not saved on the server unless you add an Online Record submission or Database submission Template.

Hope that helps



If anyone has problems with FormPlus then use their support area. They have sorted out my problems out and helped me understand what I was doing wrong. Great Support from Greg and Brian.


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