Choosing a good hosting company

Having spent two weeks wrestling with (a client’s chosen hosting company) trying to get the Microblog stack from Stacks4Stacks to work - as it has elsewhere without problems - I eventually convinced the client that the best course of action was to move hosts.

I chose the Rapidweaver-friendly Chillidog Hosting, run by @barchard. It took five minutes to create a new hosting account, another 30 mins to change some behind-the-scenes stuff, and then a minute to upload the site.

Microblog stack works perfectly first time (as it has everywhere else).

The moral of the story is obvious: the cheapest option isn’t always the best option.


yep cheap hosts are cheap for a reason.

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Always happy to work with you rob :slight_smile: happy it worked the first time.

In the past I tried various cheap shared hosts and have to say they were all pretty frustrating. The only one I felt fairly positive about was one called, however that now redirects to another website so I don’t know if it’s still the same company or not.

Personally I think there is a lot to be said for finding a managed VPS at a reasonable price and then sharing it between 2-3 people to keep costs down. This works really well for me and has proven to be very reliable.

It’s good to hear a positive word about 123-reg having just registered a couple of domains with them for the first time yesterday. Their DNS setup seemed a bit backward compared to Nameguard who I normally use.

If you ever have issues, let me know. Now that 7 has logging, it should be easier to investigate. I’m always looking to improve things and make it easier for users :slight_smile:

I’ve seen an uptick in my Puppy VPS users who are looking for exactly that. A fully managed VPS that is limited to only a select few. :slight_smile: