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I’ve been messing with Chroma stack and have a hard time emulating a large background image that scrolls up and sticks at the top of the Top Bar. I believe I only need one braking point at a fixed location.(simplest non-pro) Have watch what video i could find
Example stack(s) would be so helpful.
Combined with Assemble Stack I’ve come up with some crazy action but its out of control.
Where is the Image for the background above the top bar best defined ?

  1. swatch
  2. container
  3. one column
  4. chroma

some of those invoke a need for a height swatch for the image
some offer - full browser/ full container / percent% …

You can download the example projects from the Chroma product page which contains 16 different mini projects demonstrating all the use cases I could think of.

There is an index and a preview of each setup on the Chroma Examples Page.

I'm not entirely sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do here. Is the top bar fixed and you want the image to scroll up and stick below it? Sticking at the top of the Top Bar is confusing me.

If you can explain a little more about exactly what you are trying to do then I’m sure we can help.

Don’t forget there is also the BWD support area where there are many other Chroma users who may also be able to offer usage ideas.

Thanks for the reference … sure wish I could actually download example in RW format.
I really like :

Its what i’m after. Using Foundation 6 > Header & TopBar transition
Instead of a green background I wist to have an [ image with elements (logo & text) floating above ] all of which scroll up leaving transitioned top bar to stick at top and visible.

As per my reply above - you can.

Yes, simply place your image etc above the Chroma containing the TopBar from the sticky example - i.e. replace my generic green box.

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