How to manage bookings

Does anyone know of possible RW add-ons, plug-ins or services that could help with scheduling ad hoc courses for both students and teachers. I have a smattering of SQL/PHP but reluctant about managing groups and privileges, not to mention responsive issues as I’m thinking this would probably be a mobile-first project.

Sitelok looks good for password protecting pages but I’m looking to offer dates to teachers in a way they can accept or decline. Teachers to have their own home location containing their work diary and professional data records. They would also need to “unbook” themselves for commitments should their circumstances change.

I’m not too fussy about graphic design at this stage, more the functionality and to assess the viability of the idea.

Very grateful for your thoughts.

Many thanks.

Sitelok also has 50?(i think) user definable fields in the database, you can use them for whatever you wish.