Clean install of Rapidweaver - 3 container folders

I’m having so many issues with preview generation, missing resources etc that i think it is time to do a clean install of RW8 and manual install of plugins, stacks, themes and hopefully get back to the speedy Rapidweaver we know and love! Not done this before so having a good look around the library.

First thing I notice is that I have 3 Rapidweaver Group Containers in the Library:

Currently, my addons folder sits in the first container (>Library>Application Support>Addons). The Application Support and Caches folders in my RW7 and RW8 containers are both empty.

Should Addons not be in the RW8 folder? and does it make any difference? Can I move my addons to RW8 and bin the other containers?


Found some answers on another thread that I missed previously: Anyone interested here’s the link: Library>Containers>com.realmacsoftware

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