Live Streaming RapidWeaver - With a Stacks 4 Sneak Peek

Hey everyone,

I’m going to do a little live RapidWeaver streaming. I’ll start with this question about an add-ons folder problem as a springboard and do a deep dive on the add-ons folder.

I’m going to tell you as much as I possibly can about the add-ons folder, what’s in it, and how to tidy it up.

I’m going to start at 3:30pm EST – that’s about 30 minutes from now. Please come and say hi on the chat and feel free to interrupt with any questions.

Click here to view the stream on Twitch: Twitch

If all goes well I’ll post a recording of the stream here when it’s all done and Keven, the original poster, will have some good info to help solve his problem.

See you there!


One more thing…

I’ll be using Stacks 4, so I guess this is a sneak peek. See how many new Stacks 4 features you can spot.


In case you missed it, here’s a video of the stream.


Thanks for the information, every bit helps.
In my library group containers, where the Add-Ons folder is created, I have what appears to be multiple folders and wonder if it is normal and are they all required? They recreate if I trash the folders with empty add-on folders.
My RW8 appears to be working normally otherwise


Thanks for any advice.

My understanding is that since RW8, all addons are kept in the generic rapidweaver container (i.e. the top one in your list) whilst the RW7 and RW8 folders contain just preferences. If you open them up and take a look around this should the case. If you definitely have no RW7 projects you should be able to delete the RW7 container but it wont hurt to leave it.

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Thanks for the response.
I admit trying to consolidate the “important” files into the rapidweaver8 folder in the group container as I assumed the others were leftover from previous installations. It was a waste of time as the other folders still refuse to be deleted since apparently they are created by the current program(?) as you suggested. All I accomplished was that I needed to reactivate some registrations. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing :wink:
In my defense, I was trying to resolve some unusual behaviors with my Rapidweaver following the video but I’m just going to ignore the smaller issues as long as the end product is successful…

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Thanks for your time spent Isaiah and the education provided - much appreciated !!

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