Clean install of RW 6 or 7 on a machine with prior install

Hi all,
I’ve had weird behavior on two machines in which RW 6 takes a long time to load and then must be force quit to close. This happens if I just double click the app to launch. If I hold down the Option key on launch, however, I can start just fine after dismissing the dialogue which appears, leaving all boxes checked. In this case I can quick the app just fine later and it is very responsive. I’ve not been able to track this down, but noticed that a clean install on a third machine that had never had RW installed previously runs fine. This suggests a theme or plugin is the culprit.

Can someone give me instructions on what needs to be removed (i.e., all older non-sandboxed and newer sandboxes files) that RW 6 might look for on a re-installation? I’d like to upgrade to RW 7, but only after cleaning house.

Jeff Hardin

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