Difficulties to install stacks or themes

(Olivier Mergault) #1

When I double clic a stack (or a theme) to install it in RW 7, it does’t work, or it takes minutes to install. But, more often, RW 7 crashes.

Maybe something went wrong when I upgrade to RW 7 ?

Do I have to reinstall all ?

And how to protect my stacks and themes ?


Olivier Mergault

PS. And the Problem Reporter utility doesn’t work : impossible to send a report.

(Mark Sealey) #2

Olivier, I found a good clean install of RW 7 (I made sure all traces of 6 and 7 were gone first… there are a lot of files) helped a lot.

(Olivier Mergault) #3

Thanks for the advice. I think I will have to reinstall everything.

(Mark Sealey) #4

Make backups first - especially of your Addons and the original download of RW7.

It’s very simple, and painless. Good luck!

(Olivier Mergault) #5

It’s what I have done : uninstalled all previous RW apps (5,6) and 7.
Installed a new file of RW7 and… this new installation found my previous stacks and themes from a RW6 folder which was supposed deleted… ??

Everything seems alright now…

(Mark Sealey) #6

That’s good news, Olivier!

(Olivier Mergault) #7

Hélas!… now, each time I open RW7, it imports all the addons from RW6… at least that’s what RW7 tells !

Do you know how to stop this ?

Thank you.

(Mark Sealey) #8

Yes, I ran into this. It’s not too difficult to solve. My suggestion:

  • (perhaps re-perform the clean install of RW 7, having previously deleted all traces except the download .dmg of RW itself and your RW 6 Addons - as here.)
  • let the new install copy those Addons to where it wants
  • take control and use the Preference that lets you manage Addons yourself
  • finally, when you’ve restarted RW 7 and tested that everything is working properly, delete (or perhaps more wisely zip and ‘hide’) any Addons that RW 7 puts in other folders itself.

It’s looking more and more as though some difficulties reported here are due to previous installations. Strongly suggest deleting or archiving everything - but, again, once you’re satisfied that RW 7 is working perfectly.

(Olivier Mergault) #9

I’ll try today.

(Olivier Mergault) #10

Everything seems OK after a “clean” install (I said “seems”)…

(Mark Sealey) #11

Thanks for letting us know, Olivier - and please don’t hesitate to come back, if…!