Clear menu stack parent and child

The clear menu stack seems to be the answer for me.
Unfortunately there seems to be a small snag and any advice how to overcome it would be most appreciated.
The menu works fine first time, but when wanting to return to the main menu from a drop down it won’t until the screen is refreshed.
Any ideas?
You can see it at

Hi Dan,

I see what you mean. Do you have the option to turn off hover and only activate on click just to see if it makes a difference?

So close to home too. I’m 15 miles down the road in Cirencester.




Thank you for your prompt response and sympathy.

I’ve carefully looked through all the setting and not been able to find an option to click rather than hover.

Small world isn’t it.

Thanks again


Interestingly, when the menu is toggled the links work from child back to parent.

It get curiouser


Even worse. It disables all the other links on the site!

Got to take it down and rebuild the conventional menu.


Jonathan solved it with a bit of code

Thank you Jonathan

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Perhaps we flag the developer @1LD for help.

Jonathan solved it with a bit of code

Thank you Jonathan


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