"Click Here Buy Stacks" notification error with Stacks in Dropbox


I need the flexibility of being able to work either on my iMac or on my laptop, so I eagerly purchased RW7. It took a little bit but then I was able to move the Addons folder to Dropbox. Also I saved my RW7 projects to Dropbox. However, when I open RW7 on my laptop, I get a message in the corner of the edit window telling me “Click Here Buy Stacks.” Obviously I bought Stacks a long time ago. What’s going on? Thank you.

Did you ever register the Stacks plugin on your laptop? Is this a new setup or was it something you had working with RapidWeaver 6? Either way, best bet is to contact Yourhead support.
Questions like these are always best if you ask the developer first, if you get no response after 2-3 days, then come and ask here, but I doubt it would be that long at Yourhead.

If you have your email saved for the Stacks purchase, you can always look at that to get your serial number. You can also lookup your serial number here:

The registration information is separate for each computer. And this information is stored in the RapidWeaver preferences not the addons folder. There isn’t a trivial way to copy it from one computer to another – the best thing is just to paste in the reg code in both places.

If you need further help let us know at http://yourhead.com/support


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