Rapidweaver 7 in new user account - no plugins or stacks

As I’m having a few problems with RW7 I thought I’d test it in a new user account. I had to re enter the serial number for some reason to get it to open in the new user - don’t have to do this with other apps e.g. Adobe.
When opened RW7 had none of my plugins or stacks. Can anyone please help with getting these to show as I don’t fancy doing a reinstallation of all plugins and stacks.

You could try to switch the addons folder location with your new account to the addons folder location of your old account.

The way the app and plugins work, is the registration information is stored somewhere in your user folder. I have never found where and most developers will not tell you but would rather have you lookup your serial numbers online, which is a smart practice for them. Since that info is stored in the user folder, when you make a new user, none of that info is there, so even if you point RapidWeaver to the same folder, you would still have to re-register any addons that would need it.

Thanks Jannis,
Where do I locate the addons folder when I’m in the new user account?

Thanks Robert. Does that mean I would have to reinstall the stacks or just re register them if I can find them?

If you have left the addons in their default location in RapidWeaver 7, this will not be possible, I do not think that Mac OS will allow you to set a location inside of another user’s folder. You would have to set them somewhere else in the old account first, somewhere both users can access.

Hard for me to answer that, some people have not gotten all of their addons moved over in the update, so not sure if that has happened to you or not in the old user account. If they all got moved, then you would just have to re-register them. If they did not get moved, you would have to re-install them.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

Something weird has just happened. The problem I was trying to test of the site not previewing now seems to be OK. I have just opened RW7 and the project in question and it is now previewing fine !!! I don’t get it as I haven’t made any changes.

Spoke too soon - it’s stopped working again!:rage:

What happens if you perform a right click on the page and select “preview in… Safari” ?

Jannis it does preview in Safari but it takes at least 2 to 3 minutes before it appears. Never had this issues in RW 6 with the same project.