RW8 importing automatically RW7 stacks?

Hi all! New to the forums, been using RW back and forth for quite many years.
I just bought the RW8 upgrade but I’m waiting for my new laptop to install it.
In the meantime - wondering…
I’ve moved from version 6 to 7 and the new version imported all existing stacks and elements.
On my new laptop I’ll only have the version 8 so how do I go to move over all existing stuff?
I’m trying to avoid using Migration Assistant for moving data from the old laptop because this would be the third time, I really need a fresh MacOS install.
Thanks for your input.

RapidWeaver 7 lets you choose where to put your addons folder. You can put it on iCloud or on Dropbox and then when your new laptop arrives and after installing RapidWeaver 8, you can choose that same folder for it and boom, your addons are now on your new computer.

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Thank you kindly for such a prompt reply. Will do as you recommend.

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